About Us

Our CAD model of an M31C mount and ANM2. All of our CAD modeling, design, prototyping, fabrication, and production is done in house.

Since 1995, our family owned and operated business has been a staple for high quality and affordable replicas. We design, fabricate, research/develop, and manufacture at our own facility in Tennessee. Our products are found all over the world in museum exhibits, private collections, movies, as well as on restored military aircraft and vehicles. This would not be possible without our excellent customer loyalty, personal referrals, and the mutual enthusiasm that we share with so many of our customers in preserving military history and remembering the people that made it.



From the Founder, Brent:

My interest in the military started when I was quite young.  At about 6 years old, with the Vietnam war cranking up, I fell in love with the original GI Joes.  At about 10 years old, I asked for the GI Joe Jeep with the 106mm recoilless rifle and trailer with searchlight for Christmas.  So by noon on Christmas, I had become a crack shot with the 1/6 scale spring loaded gun.  It turned bad when my older brother dared me to shoot one of the old style glass Christmas balls on the tree.  It made such a satisfying sound when it exploded, that I continued until my mom came to see what the racket was. The rest of Christmas day I couldn’t sit down….

I restored my first jeep in 1986-7.  It was a 1948 Willys CJ2A, all militarized to look like an MB/GPW.   I named it “Thesis” because I was working on my Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and this way when people asked me “what are you doing today” I could honestly answer them; “I am working on my Thesis, as always”!   They thought I was a very dedicated student.

So by 1992 I was unsatisfied with just a plain old jeep, and wanted to put some ordnance on board.  But everything was so expensive, and I didn’t want my “fake” ordnance setup to cost more than my entire jeep restoration project did.  The company I worked for at that time had a great sheet metal shop, so I designed and built my first M2HB and pedestal mount to go in Thesis.  Everywhere I went with the jeep, such as parades, shows, militaria swap meets, etc., people were asking where I got the M2 setup.  And when I told them I made it all myself, they wanted me to make them one just like it.  So I did.

Soon, Mac Systems Replicas was born in 1993, in my basement.  As interest grew, I sold more and more M2’s.  Then I expanded to M1919A4 Browning .30 cal., Dash mounts, Bazookas, Mortars, M3 37mm Antitank guns, wooden 37mm ammo crates, replica 37mm rounds and cardboard tubes, Radio mounts, Handie-Talkie SCR536 radios, ANM2 aircraft version .50 cal’s, water-cooled M2, M1917A1 water-cooled .30 cal., M1917A1 heavy .30 cal tripods, light M2 and M3 tripods, MP40 German Submachine guns, M3 Hull Compasses, Jeep MB/GPW spare parts kits, etc etc.

We have two boys and girl, and during their childhood, some interest was sparked in some of them towards military vehicle preservation.  Now, our oldest son and his wife are actively re-energizing the replica business, and bring a lot to the table for our little company, and we expect to re-introduce a lot of products in the near future.

Over the years we have owned a variety of vehicles and equipment, giving us the ability to understand ordnance and how they mount to vehicles first hand.  We have had multiples of:  Willys CJ2A, Willys MB Slat Grille, Ford GPW, M38, M38A1, M151/A1/A2 Mutt, M422 Mighty Mite, M886 Dodge, M37 Dodge, WC51 Dodge, White M3 Half-track and a lot of trailers and other stuff.

So now the next generation is involved and the family business is moving forward, and we look ahead with great anticipation.

From the Next Generation, Matthew:

Growing up, I watched as dad restored jeeps in the back yard (at one point 11!!!) and I went to all the shows and swap meets with him. We would both dress the part on some occasions (he went 2nd Rangers, and went British Airborne) and even did some basic level re-enacting. Dad was always restoring, rebuilding, or fabricating what he couldn’t readily find on the market. Being a side-kick right hand man, I was always right there with him. I can credit a great deal of my mechanical know how, fab skills, welding, design and engineering to him.

So here I am, a number of years and four kids later, taking the old replica business and giving it some new energy. Dad primarily handles all CAD design work, historical data gathering, authenticity analysis, and engineering. I (along with my awesome wife) handle production, shop capability expansion, and marketing/website/sales. Then together we handle material procurement, R&D, prototyping, jig fabrication, new products and improvements, and market analysis.