Why buy our replicas versus others offered?

Parts Kits, Resin Kits, Aluminum Cast, and MAC Systems Steel replicas:

For an M2HB, if you buy a real parts kit, it will cost you $1,800 to $2,000 for a torch cut pile of parts. Then you must have it assembled to meet ATF non-firing requirements or you’re in trouble! Or install dummy solid receiver side plates. The side plates cost twice what the entire MAC Replica costs!  So you have a $2,200-3,000.00 dummy gun that does no more than this one can do, and you’ll be afraid to show it because you don’t know if ATF is gonna take you in!

Or you could go for a “resin” kit.  Now these do look good since resin transfers all the details very well.  But, ruggedness is not their strength.  They cant handle the elements outside. They can shatter if dropped.   A steel replica like ours can take the punishment over the years.  Some replicas have no provision for attaching the dummy ammo belt, either!  This one does.

Or how about an aluminum cast replica.  Similar to the resins, there is more detail, but fragility is a problem,  and the cost is around $1,500, almost three times the cost of a MAC Systems gun.

We are not in the business of selling you a product if we don’t truly think it’ll meet your individual needs. But, if you’re needing a replica, the quality and price tag can’t be matched.

What is the length of the MAC Systems Browning .50 Cal Replica?

This is common question we receive. The overall length of the replica is 86 inches. The length of the barrel when its disassembled is 43 inches with the tip. But when assembled, the barrel is placed inside the shroud and the coupling in the center of the replica. So your overall length should be 86 inches when assembled or a 1:1 scale.

Is the MAC Systems Browning .50 Cal Replica easily portable?

YES! The barrel is easily removed to disassemble your replica. In fact, it’s shipped this way and the customer easily places the barrel through the shroud and into a coupling with a phillips head set screw and the rear sight is easily removed with 3 phillips head screws. This reduces chance of damage during transport.

Do we offer any other color than gray parkerized simulation?

Yes, we offer OD Green, flat black, and the standard is gray parkerized simulation. We can provide sku numbers for the purpose of matching paint and touch ups if needed.

Does the MAC Systems Browning .50 Cal Replica fit other mounts?

Yes. It will fit all government issued mounts and cradles for the M2.