2017 Shows

Hi All!

You are what makes this business such a success! As we get back into the groove of things, we want to hit a few shows and events? Where would you like to see us at?


The Replica Guys Team

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  1. You are welcome to display your items at Camp Delta in California, April 24-29, 2018. It is the largest annual military vehicle gathering and swap meet west of the Mississippi. Shoppers come from many states and even several foreign countries. Location is a large KOA campground in Petaluma. Best days Thursday-Saturday, not the last Sunday. No vendor fee, just campsite rental. There are campsites and a few cabins available right now and I can tell you which are the best for vendor traffic. 4 night minimum. Details on our website, and you have my email. – John

    1. Hello!

      We have missed this comment due to a lot of recent website maintenance! We are a little late in the game to plan to make a show out West this year, but maybe we could do it next year and bring a few M3’s with! Thanks again John! We’ll be saving your contact info.


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